Parent teacher meetings are an opportunity for us to reflect together on how we can help each child reach their full potential. 


How can you make the most of these meetings? Here are our top 5 tips!


5️⃣ Write your Own Report. 

Before you open the report from school, write down what you think are your child’s strengths and areas of growth. It’s ideal if each caretaker does this individually, so you can compare notes. This will help bring a new perspective to our meeting. Doing this over several years will help you see how much your child has evolved. 


4️⃣ Read the Report sent from school.

Please read through the report carefully, writing down any questions that may come up. If you think of ways for the school/home to support your child, do write them down. 


3️⃣ It Isn’t Personal… or Permanent.

Reports/meetings are not intended to label the child in any way. Time and again, we have seen a sea change of difference in a child, even over a few months. We urge you to see the reports as transient records of where the child currently is. It is in the child’s best interest to note down where they are objectively, and understand where they may need our support. 


2️⃣ Doubts? Check School Info.

You may have questions on how to help your child with specific areas highlighted in their report. Anthea parents, do check ‘Parent Learning Resources’ under the ‘School Info’ tab on the Transparent Classroom homepage. There are a wealth of resources on helping your child with academic and behavioural growth. 


1️⃣ Maximize Meeting Time

For logistical reasons, we have a fixed meeting slot per child. Reaching school 5-10 minutes before your assigned slot will be greatly appreciated. Coming in with your notes on your child, and questions from their report, will help the school make the most of the time we have with you. 

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