Children on stage, being told what to say and when. Costumes, a new venue, a departure from routine. What’s Montessori about that? Yet, we at Anthea believe in annual days. We cherish the feeling of community coming together to celebrate. We love watching children find the confidence to express themselves on stage.

For us, this day is always about the child, rather than the audience. Your child’s role has been designed per their comfort. Those who do not want to talk or dance are not forced to. Those who prefer to just stand in a group are invited to do so. Despite all this, it is entirely possible that your child may not want to perform on the day, or even come on stage. That’s okay!

Our focus is on ensuring comfort, and fostering confidence organically. We honour each child’s journey, and that may mean embracing the spotlight only when they’re ready. Remember: it’s not just about a day; it’s about a lifelong journey of self-discovery.

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