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Anthea means 'blossom' in Greek.

We love to help the children in our care bloom to their full potential. Our vision is to help children become ‘life-long learners’, who respect themselves, others and their environment.

Founded in April 2015, we are an authentic Montessori school for children aged 3-12.

Montessori is magic when done right.

It’s the most beautiful gift that one can give their child.
A serene & orderly environment full of natural materials
A mixed age environment where children learn from each other
Respecting each child’s pace, rather than giving generic lessons

Allowing children to choose their own work and move around

Hands-on learning, which uses all the child’s senses

We go above & beyond to support you.

Dr. Montessori was a foremost scientist of her time. She based her educational method on observing children’s needs. At Anthea, we do the same.

Tech literacy, STEM work & socio-emotional skill training are integrated in our Montessori curriculum.

Our in-house book club, workshops & partner programs also help adults as they navigate gentle parenting.