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A solid foundation for your child

Primary (3 to 6 years) is the ideal period for children to explore the world with their senses, and learn about the environment they live in. This program:
  1. Refines motor skills
  2. Practices practical life skills
  3. Invites sensorial exploration & discrimination
  4. Introduces a variety of vocabulary & grammar
  5. Offers mathematical thinking & operations
  6. Opens the world of culture & science
  7. Leads up to reading/writing with joy
  8. Invites dialogues between peers & adults

Opening the world to your child

Elementary (6 to 12 years) is when the child wants to explore the world beyond their classroom. The Elementary program has a special edge:
  1. Maintains a strong academic base (comparable to CBSE/IB)
  2. Takes children out of school frequently for trips
  3. Includes out-of-school learning from experts
  4. Has an Innovation program including coding and engineering
  5. Has a leadership program, including emotional learning
  6. Includes art, music, and sex education in-house
  7. Prepares children for the Montessori Model United Nations conference

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