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Creating well-rounded individuals

We supplement academic learning with real-world skills – conflict resolution, body safety, cultural awareness…

We believe in partnering with families, to give children the best possible care 24×7. We support parents with online and offline resources, and are always happy to talk!

Programs to educate the child for life

SpringUP: Socio-emotional leadership program.
Creya: Explore programming, engineering projects, and more.
Program to prepare for Montessori Model United Nations.
A Sex Education program to understand consent and boundaries.
A Food Prep program that has children preparing food at school.
Parents are our partners & champions
Regular Workshops hosted by experts.
Monthly Study Circle to discuss parenting books.
Walk-in observation sessions at school.
Free access to books in the Anthea library.
Parent partners regularly come in to read to children, share cultural events, or talk about their jobs.

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