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It takes a village to raise a child

At Anthea, we see the school and the home as partners, working together for the child. We also talk to grandparents and nannies!

We have an open-door policy, as we understand parents have many questions. We share a monthly newsletter, and individual details, of what your child has worked on. Parents are also welcome to observe their child “at work”.

Hear what parents like about Anthea

Parents are our partners and champions. We know we are doing something right when word-of-mouth is what gets us all our admissions!

We take great pride in having siblings, extended family members, and even neighbours come to Anthea, based on what they hear about the school.

Hear what parents like about Anthea.

Admissions open throughout the year

We currently have 3 Primary environments at our Mindspace location, and 1 Primary environment at our Jubilee Hills location (for children aged 3-6). We also have 2 Elementary environments at our Mindspace location (for children aged 6-12).

If you would like to enrol your child in a program, please go through our Admissions procedure.


Hear from our community what they like about Anthea