Everybody loves Anthea; the children, the staff and, especially the parents. The orderly environments, the calm settings, the spotlessly clean building and the friendly atmosphere extends a warm welcome to everyone. We have also thrown in rabbits and a handsome dog to make sure that the children have it all. Do check out below some of the warm comments from our parents.

I am glad I chose Anthea for my second child as a starting point.

We noticed that our elder child struggles to cope up as her foundation was not laid out well, with some guidance from friends and families we chose Anthea which is backed by the Montessori principals, thats how we started our journey with Anthea.

I could literally see the difference between my elder child and the younger one. Happy that my younger one is in good hands. We have also started taking help for my older one and we are seeing results. Thanks Anu and Suchitra for all your handwork and the passion that you show towards bringing up the kids.

If you love your child and want the best for the child then look no more and enroll your kid in Anthea Montessori.

This is a great institution that helps the child learn a lot of new things while having fun. Over the last one year I see so many positive developments in our son who goes there.

From being a shy kid he is now very social, loves his school and enjoys being at school so much so that even when he is sick and needs to stay home he wants to go to school.

I see that he is able to have a lot of fun while learning a whole bunch of new things. The exposure to learning English doing math or learning to read and write hindi and Telugu is so encouraging.

A very unique institution run by both Suchitra and Anupama is just outstanding. Their commitment to help children in the school is simply fantastic. I always wanted to find a school that teaches kids as their own and Anthea Montessori is an exemplary example.

From my experience of interacting with Anthea Montessori I am super convinced both Suchitra and Anupama have laid a strong foundation which will help our son achieve a lot of things and more importantly have fun all along.

My recommendation to parents is to definitely stop by at Anthea Montessori, talk to them, and enroll your kids in this great Institution for a bright future.

Great place for kids and being happy parents from the experience of Anthea becomes a habit 🙂

I wish Suchitra and Anupama good luck and hope they are able to scale the school to support elementary and higher standards in the next few years. I am sure the way these two work there will be a time when the traditional schools in Hyderabad will look at Anthea and learn what educating means and why it is so important.

Our daughter joined Anthea in 2015 as a 2.5 year old. We had tried another school and she was just not comfortable. We looked at a lot of other options and were disillusioned with the choices. Anthea had just opened and we decided to take a look at it. We met Anu and Suchi and liked their passion and their eagerness to work with children and make a difference. The campus was inviting and cheerful with its garden and large windows. Its been more than 2 years and my daughter absolutely loved going to school and looked forward to it everyday. The Montessori system worked well and the learning is paced according to the children. Our daughter spent 2 of her important developmental years and we can see what an impact a good school can have. The teachers are well trained and caring. A big shout out to the supporting staff too – all the way from akkas to driver uncles. We recently moved out of Hyderabad to US and looking at schools again – we wish we had an Anthea here!
Shashi and Pinky


A Little Background about us. We are from California, My Kid, At 3 years of age didn’t talk much when compared to others, We thought each kid is different, but after 6 months, one of my colleague recommended this has to be fixed asap as the child might lose confidence unable to converse with other kids. So we started with Speech therapist in california for next 6 months with little or no use.
Im Glad that we found Anthea Montessori, When I talked to Ms Suchitra, I Instantly took decision looking at the Passion of how she could help my kid.
I could not believe that in 3 months my kid has transformed from a shy kid and now can initiate a conversation and has a confidence while talking.
The Best part is she waits to go to School, Im sure its just because of the personal care that Anthea is taking care.

My kid started Anthea about 6 months ago after a lot of debating over different schools. Cant tell you how happy I am to have found this place! My son absolutely loves going to the school. We love how the teachers are so passionate about the system and provide 1-1 attention. They genuinely care about the kids and their progress. My son has not only excelled academically but I also see an improvement in his overall personality. The concepts they teach are absolutely amazing. My son comes home and loves talking about what he learned e.g. water cycle, hibernation, seasons, continents etc. Anybody that’s sold on the Montessori system knows how great it is and these guys follow the system to the T. They are experienced and efficient and make learning so much fun for the kids! Thank you Ms Suchi and Ms Anu!

Our experience with Anthea has been a very positive one. I was looking for a school where my two year old would be encouraged to find joy in learning, a place where his individuality would be respected, where he wouldn’t be pushed too hard but at the same time not allow him to slack off. I was also very keen on teaching him good ethics and morals early. Anthea not only does all of the above, but in a short span of three months taught him self discipline, order and respect for himself and others. The teachers love and passion for their profession shines through. The children at anthea enjoy coming to school. The love that the children here have for their environment and teachers is a reflection of what a good school it is.