♣ About Us ♣

Anthea Montessori devotes the morning to a Montessori curriculum. It functions as a Montessori inspired Day Care as well throughout the day. It provides a day full of experiences that bring to life our vision "To help children become life-long learners, who respect themselves, others and their environment".

♣ Founders ♣

Anthea Montessori is the brain child of Mrs. Chitra Raghunathan (Suchi) and Mrs. Anupama Rao (Anu). While Suchi and Anu come from diverse backgrounds, one of the main factors that binds them is their passionate belief in the Montessori philosophy. Having seen the positive change in their own Montessori educated children, they have vowed to spread the philosophy. They truly believe what Dr. Montessori said: “Education is an aid to life”. The Montessori philosophy emphasizes that education should go far beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. It should be a practical aid to life. It should be lifelong learning that changes the life of the individual. Both of them very strongly agree with the Montessori pedagogy. They have experienced it first hand while working with children from various backgrounds and with various temperaments. Suchi and Anu are more than convinced that the time has come to spread the positivity. Suchi and Anu realized that they wanted to do a lot more for the children and “working for someone” did not give them the freedom to do so. This was one of the reasons they decided to take the plunge and start a school on their own. They want Anthea to be a “true Montessori” in every sense of the word. Their dream is to make the Montessori system a mainstream system of education rather than an alternate.

♣ Mrs. Chitra Raghunathan ♣

  • Earned the Early Childhood Full Diploma from American Montessori Society (AMS) via Princeton Centre for Teacher Education, New Jersey/USA
  • Worked as a lead teacher at Raritan Valley Montessori School in Bridgewater NJ / USA
  • Worked as a research scientist in various institutes and companies including Harvard University and Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular biology, University of Toledo, OH / USA

♣ Mrs. Anupama Rao ♣

  • Earned Assistant Teacher Certificate from AMI
  • Worked as an Assistant Directress in a well-established Montessori school for 2 years, which included one year of in-house Montessori training
  • Worked for multiple companies in business development and general administration, in USA and India
  • Selected as one of the 13 trainees in the first ever women’s batch of pilots in the Indian Air Force in 1993
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology, NMKRV College, Bangalore, India

♣ Our Mission ♣

    "Anthea Montessori's mission is to set up an educational entity that exemplifies the way education should be provided, that inspires change, and that demonstrates the Montessori system's effectiveness in achieving and exceeding the core standards of learning. Hence, our motto “Education Uncompromised”

♣ Our Vision ♣

    "Anthea Montessori's vision is to help children become life-long learners, who respect themselves, others and their environment."

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