♣ Stepping Stones / Toddler ♣

  The Stepping Stones / Toddler program is Anthea Montessori’s program for children between 18 to 36 months of age. A child’s brain undergoes the most rapid period of development from birth to three years. The brain grows up to 80 percent of the adult size before the age of three. The development of the brain is influenced by many factors, such as the child’s relationships, experiences and environment.

♣ Primary ♣

  The Primary program is Anthea Montessori’s preschool program for children between 33 months (over two year 9 months) to six years of age. This is the period in a child’s development that Dr. Montessori termed as a period of conscious absorption. The child in the previous stage (0-3 years) has unconsciously absorbed all the information he/she has come in contact with in his/her environment.

♣ DayCare ♣

  We, at Anthea Montessori, realise the need of today’s working parents and strongly believe that parents should not be forced to stay at home because of the lack of quality extended care for their child. This is why we have started an DayCare program at our Mindspace facility, which is in proximity to the IT parks in Hyderabad.