“It’s a great pleasure to be a part of Anthea for the last two years as the directress for 3-6-year-old children. Since day one in Anthea, I felt the management are so focused and genuinely working on what works best for the child. I have seen a tremendous effort put in each minute of work which shows a great deal of dedication and commitment for the children.

I have been allowed to implement my ideas, planning, and to handle class efficiently. Observation is the key to the Montessori philosophy for which the management has closely monitored and given me valuable suggestions that helps me to have a closer insight into the understanding of the child’s perspective. I do take part in reading session and workshops that rejuvenate the Montessori philosophy. I always enter the office room without any hesitation to ask for any doubts and never left unanswered for any queries. I am sure that the teacher’s achievement is because of the strength and support from the school. This workplace is best to work as there is a scope to grow.

As this year commences with the online session, management has not left a single stone unturned. Right from the revised session to the lesson plans or worksheets, they suggest and give ideas. The hard work did not go unnoticed or unappreciated by the management. Anthea always likes innovative ideas from the team and desire everyone to excel. That makes me continue my work with a passion for children. I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the hard work and the effort that all employees have put in to take the school into the next level. I am very appreciative of what Anthea has accomplished in terms of giving genuinely quality education to children.”

Ms. Yasmeen Sultana, Primary (3-6 years) Directress