“Suchitra and I met during the elementary training and when she reached out to me about a possibility of working at Anthea. At that point, I had been working in another Montessori school for a considerable time and was pretty comfortable with how things were. However, the idea of taking up a new challenge excited me and that led me to meet the management at Anthea. The ambience and atmosphere at the school felt very welcoming. Their vision of how they wanted Anthea to progress and the role I’d play in the journey was clear enough for me to make the decision to join them. Thus, my new journey began and adapting to the new culture at Anthea seemed so organic.

The relationship everyone shares as a group is filled with respect. While we all work in a team, we still understand the strengths of every individual and progress together. Working in a team and with different individuals also means that there are disagreements and difference of opinions which are always put on the table for discussion respectfully. I guess when the goal for everyone is the same it is easier to work together.

The key factor for any professional to grow, is to constantly work on themselves and Anthea provides ample opportunities to learn new things and keep updating ourselves. This has lead us to take up multiple workshops within the city and outside and use the knowledge from these sessions and incorporate them in the class. The professional development sessions that are regularly conducted have helped us stay updated and well informed. The leadership has always been extremely supportive and understanding about any challenge I have been interested in and that in itself helped me a great deal to try out new things and grow. They are always there when someone needs a sound board to listen and to give advice.

Anthea has been a great place for me to work and grow and I look forward to continuing my journey with them.”

Mr. Irfan, Elementary Director at Anthea Montessori