“Coming from a background of Science and Art, teaching is something I stumbled upon a couple of years back . I joined Anthea right before the school went online, and within 5 months I see a great deal of change in myself both professionally and personally. There’s a lot of learning to do , and a lot that I’m still yet to discover. However , I’m confident that the support I constantly get from the team at Anthea will make this a smooth journey and an exciting one .


Every new comer has a set of challenges and pressures that they encounter especially when it’s their first job. Some of them being the pressure of performing, of fitting in and of not having enough subject knowledge. The management at Anthea , identifies your personality, your strengths and offers you what’s best suited .You’re given a job that would mutually benefit both, the management and the employee. Their approachability is something that I believe sets Anthea apart from other work spaces.


There’s an unsaid comfort that is so refreshing and reassuring. The management continuously works towards evolving. In the process, apart from the obvious opportunity to learn, there’s a major emphasis on making every member of their team reach their highest potential , and attempts to diligently aid that process . Additionally, I also notice that this is a place where age doesn’t decide the respect you get, nor does your experience. You’re respected for the work you do.”

Ms. Sindhoori Somayajula, Primary (3-6 years) Directress