“Anthea is a place where learning is welcomed with great enthusiasm. While a teacher’s job is to guide children, I firmly believe any instruction we give can only be relevant, authentic and alive when we seek to learn ourselves. This is an approach echoed by Anthea’s co-founders, who set the tone for the organization by enthusiastically spearheading regular professional development sessions, study circles, and more. They are very open to learning from other teachers, parents, and anyone in the community! In the last two years that I’ve worked at Anthea, I’ve never once heard the leadership pull rank, or make a unilateral decision. I joined with no prior teaching experience, but always felt my opinion was given as much weightage as anyone with more certifications or classroom knowledge. It makes me eager to contribute, and I very much feel like Anthea is a space which I help create, every day 🙂

As a parent, I am able to concentrate on my job knowing that the school ensures my child is well taken care of while I work. The founders take the time to know each teacher’s family and circumstances, and the teaching staff all care about each other’s well-being. To me, Anthea feels like a community, and it is one that I’m happy to belong to.”

Ms. Akshaya Nandakumar, Elementary Directress