We are always happy to talk to people who believe in the Montessori pedagogy and are keen to work with children. 

Please reach out to centrehead@antheamontessori.com with your resume. Also let us know why you’re interested in working with Anthea Montessori. Some of our teaching team shared their experiences below, if you would like to know what they appreciate about our work culture. We look forward to hearing from you!


“The founders take the time to know each teacher’s family and circumstances, and the teaching staff all care about each other’s well-being. To me, Anthea feels like a community, and it is one that I’m happy to belong to.” Read more here.

– Ms. Akshaya Nandakumar, Elementary Directress at Anthea Montessori

“The relationship everyone shares as a group is filled with respect. While we all work in a team, we still understand the strengths of every individual and progress together.” Read more here.

– Mr. Irfan, Elementary Director at Anthea Montessori

“In Anthea, I enjoy the freedom given to me by the management where I can be candid about my opinion. I am not judged for any previous mistakes. The cherry on the cake is that we work together on how to solve the problem instead.” Read more here.

– Ms. Rishika Chugh, Primary Directress at Anthea Montessori

“The management at Anthea , identifies your personality, your strengths and offers you what’s best suited .You’re given a job that would mutually benefit both, the management and the employee. Their approachability is something that I believe sets Anthea apart from other work spaces.” Read more here.

– Ms. Sindhoori Somayajula, Primary Directress at Anthea Montessori

“Since day one in Anthea, I felt the management are so focused and genuinely working on what works best for the child. I have seen a tremendous effort put in each minute of work which shows a great deal of dedication and commitment for the children.” Read more here.

– Ms. Yasmeen Sultana, Primary Directress at Anthea Montessori