How to enroll your child


Finding the right school is all about finding the right environment for your child. We, at Anthea Montessori, strive to make such an environment a reality for you. Click here for a virtual walkthrough of our facility, located in the heart of HITEC City.

At Anthea Montessori, we respect diversity. It is an integrating and inclusive school. Children in Anthea Montessori come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We work hard to cherish and support each of them.

Admission is open to all children between 2.5 years and 12 years of age.

Registration for admission can be done for your child at any time during the year (as long as seats are available).


Admission Process


  • First the prospective parents have to schedule a visit for a detailed tour of the environment, to understand how things work at Anthea. Please email or give us a call at +91 97056 66633 to set up a free tour of the school. You will have an opportunity to meet the Founders and / or Centre Directors, interact with them, and discuss the Montessori philosophy. It is very important for the parents to be aligned with the philosophy and pedagogy. Children learn better when the environment of learning at the school is aligned with that at home.
  • The parents can request for the admission form for a fee. The form has to be filled and submitted in the school office.
  • Once the application form is submitted, parents need to schedule another one-on-one with Anthea to discuss certain key issues regarding the child, so that the faculty is better aware of the needs of the child. Once this meeting is complete, the fee has to be paid to complete the admission process.

The following documents are to be submitted while remitting the fee:

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Address proof
  • Passport size photographs of the child (4 copies) and the parents (1 copy each)

Once the child starts attending school, the following supplies have to be sent with the child:

  • Snack/Lunch box; depending on how long the child will be at school
  • A bag to be kept at school with a change of clothes, with the child’s name printed on it